Monday, June 23, 2014

New Utility Function Wait-ValueReturned

I Just need a way to block a scripts execution while I wait on some command to return the correct value. So I created this little function to allow me to pass the command or commands and what i expect back and let it handle the work instead of littering my scripts main body with a bunch of loops, if / else, and sleeps, I can use this to encapsulate all that into a clean function.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PowerShell Objects - Import-Module Pt 3

The -AsCustomObject switch on the New-Module Cmdlet is also available in the Import-Module which opens up a whole new world of using PowerShell objects and modules. Imagine you need to import 2 modules to work with Hyper-V and VMWare in your script but after importing them in that order you notice that Get-VM for VMWare is visiable and the Get-VM command from the Hyper-v module is hidden. The are a couple of way to handle modules with command that are the same name. One would be to use the get-command command to invoke the correct command from the correct module. My perfered way is to use the -AsCustomObject switch when importing the modules. This way I hsave the modules and there commands neatly reference in variable so that it is easy to tell which module the command i am executng is going to run against. Example (sudo-code module names may net be correct)