Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Microsoft Release the PowerShell V2 SDK

Microsoft Release the PowerShell V2 SDK
"The Systems Development Kit, or SDK, is a download that the stuff you need to be able to develop applications around a particular technical area. The Windows SDK is huge and there are SDKs for almost every technology MS produces. Other vendors produce SDKs too.
Initially, Microsoft shipped a PowerShell SDK. Then some time ago this changed and the PowerShell SDK was subsumed into the Windows SDK – which meant finding just the PowerShell stuff was challenging. I saw any number of complaints around this in the newsgroups etc.
Well –the PowerShell team have just released the Version 2.0 SDK – as an independent (and small at 2.4mb!) SDK. The SDK contains the reference assemblies and 45 samples that help you to better understand how to use PowerShell. There appears to be no documentation (and the installation process doesn’t seem to add in any shortcuts or start menu items.
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